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History of the Bahá’í World Centre
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The relationship of the Bahá’í Faith with the Holy Land began in the mid-19th Century during the period of Ottoman rule.


Bahá'u'lláh was exiled to the penal colony of ‘Akká from his native Persia because his religious teachings were considered heretical and subversive by government and religious authorities.  

He arrived in ‘Akká in 1868, and remained a prisoner until His passing in 1892. 

With time, the conditions of His imprisonment were relaxed permitting Him to live outside the walled city in later life, and to travel to Haifa on a couple of occasions. 

During those trips, he designated the spot where the Shrine of His predecessor, the Báb, should be built, and the site upon which the administrative centre of the Bahá'í Faith would be established.

History of the Bahá’í World Centre
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