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English Mid-Terrace Tour (87)

Guided tour for 19 or fewer. ‎Hatzionut Avenue 87, Haifa.

  • 87 Hatzionut, Haifa

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Language: English Location: Hatzionut Avenue 103, Haifa Entrance is free of charge. The tour entrance is located on the western edge of the Bahá’í Gardens on Hatzionut - uphill from the bridge. Street parking located nearby. This tour takes about one hour ‎and includes 50 stairs. ‎ The tour concludes at Shifra 14 St. Restrooms are available at the end of tour. The tour is a unique experience providing views of both the upper and lower terraces as well as the Shrine in Haifa. It includes informal and formal gardens featuring a mix of native and adapted ‎trees, plants and flowers.‎ Your guide will talk about Baháʼí history, beliefs and about the significance of gardens. Accessibility: This route is not ‎suitable for the physically ‎disabled. Please let us know in ‎advance if you need any special ‎assistance. ‎ RECOMMENDATIONS and REMINDERS The Bahá’í Gardens are religious sites that are open to the general public without charge. As in ‎most other such sites, visitors are asked to wear modest clothing that covers your shoulders and reaches your knees with no tears, to help keep the place clean and ‎beautiful, and to behave in a manner that is considerate of the sensitivities of others.‎ NOTICE: Because public health protection measures may change, visit reservations ‎cannot be ‎guaranteed. If your visit is cancelled for this reason, we will contact you to ‎reschedule. We will ‎therefore ask relevant contact details. If you wish to cancel your ‎reservation for any reason, ‎please ‎email or call us and ‎include the date and time of your ‎booking so that we can allow ‎others to visit. ‎ Office hours are Sunday to ‎‎Thursday, from 9:00 to 17:00.‎

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+972 (4) 831 3131

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